Comparison between different types of SSL certificates

SSl certificates1When sending and receiving sensitive data online, it is paramount to have that data encrypted to prevent the data being stolen or tampered with before it reaches the intended destination. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) helps to achieve this goal – it provides a way for data to be encrypted in a way which can be decrypted when it reaches the final destination.

However, this poses a problem in itself. How can you be sure that the encrypted connection is really coming from the server it should be? An SSL certificate solves this problem. The organisations which issue SSL certificates are trusted by Web browsers to do so properly, and are vetted on a regular basis. These companies are called Certification Authorities.

It is important to consider the consequences of not having a valid SSL certificate used in the areas of your website which are secured over SSL. If a potential client accesses your client area which is secured over SSL but does not have a valid certificate in use, their Web browser will stop them from connecting to that area of your website and will advise the user to not go further for their own safety. This can cause a dramatic loss in revenue and can be damaging to your business image.

SSL certificates

There are different types of SSL certificates and each serve a slightly different business need. While all SSL certificates provide the necessary level of encryption necessary for the safe transmission of sensitive data over the Internet – for companies which are handling data like credit or debit card information, such as banks and online eCommerce stores – often choose more robust SSL certificates most of which involving additional authentication checks which are undertaken by the Certification Authority.

How are SSL certificates issued and trusted?

SSL certificates are issued by Certification Authorities directly. Every Web browser has a list of trusted authorities and if a valid SSL certificate is supplied from an issuing company which is trusted by the Web browser, the certificate will be deemed safe by the Web browser. Of course, the certificate simply tells the Web browser that the secure connection is authentic and can be trusted strictly from the point of view on where the secure connection is going to.

 Do SSL certificates help customers know whether a website is safe to buy from?

SSL certificates provide an assurance to customers that their personal details are fully secure when they make a purchase through the specific online merchant. However, they do not provide an implied or expressed guarantee that any online website is trustworthy with how they collect and use any personal information they collect from a visitor. Anyone can purchase many of the cheaper kinds of SSL certificates – even online criminals.

There are, however, products like Website Passports that can provide some assurance to potential customers about the authenticity of an online business before they make a purchase from them. However, SSL certificates are in of itself solely to provide assurances that data transmitted through a website secured by a valid SSL certificate is safe and secure during transmission and will only be received by the server which needs to receive it.

What type of SSL certificates are there?

The most common SSL certificates are:

  • ·Domain Validated SSLs: These simply validate that the person who is purchasing the SSL certificate owns the domain name for which the certificate is being purchased for. With the process for validating the owner of the domain name being fully automated, Certification Authorities generally issue these certificates within minutes of this automated verification process being completed.
  • ·Organizational Authentication SSLs: These types of certificates offer the same benefits as Domain Validated SSLs but confirm and authenticate the organisation which is purchasing the certificate. Organizational Authentication SSLs are typically issued within 1 – 2 business days of ordering.
  • ·Extended Validation SSLs: EVs are much like Organizational SSLs but provide a deeper level of authentication against the organisation which is purchasing the certificate. Certification Authorities must also use trustworthy and reliable third-party sources to verify the data provided by an organisation applying for an EV certificate. As an added benefit, websites secured over SSL with an EV certificate will activate the Web browser’s “green bar” which provides clear and instant assurance to customers that the site has been verified as an authenticated business. EV SSLs are typically issued within 3 – 5 business days of ordering.

Would an SSL certificate work across my entire website?

 Yes, your SSL certificate will work for any area of your website where the certificate is valid. However, it will not work on separate sub domains unless you purchase a Wildcard SSL certificate. Wildcard certificates allow you to set and use the certificate on any sub domain which you may have – such as

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cPanel web hosting

cPanel is one of the most user friendly and versatile control panels being used today. cPanel is a blessing in disguise for website beginners. cPanel is a complete and mature control panel that offers easy management to websites. You can perform complex maintenance tasks easily.

cPanel is rich in features, providing its users with endless possibilities for their site. The sheer amount of easy to use products, services and tools make them a premier choice among web host providers. Arduous tasks are made easier and can be controlled by the web owner in one spot.

cPanel web hosting is very popular control panel, because it is rich in features and offers users with pretty much everything they need to manage their sites. There are a number of web host providers that choose to use other popular control panels or even create a custom one specific to their needs. The interface that cPanel has is very user-friendly and well organized. From a customer’s perspective, they like to continue using products they are comfortable with, which makes switching from one web host to another a breeze if they both run on cPanel.

cPanel  cheap hosting control panel for Linux web hosting and managed dedicated servers. With its embarking into the World Wide Web, it has lent the power to accurately monitor your website. There are a number of benefits of cPanel hosting. With cPanel we host multiple web sites using cpanel add-on domain feature. CPanel also allows you to create sub-domains and domains to park your websites.

Now days many cPanel hosting offers backups of your databases. Backup is one of the most critical and important processes for any website. You can download these backups to local machine or to a remote site to save important data.

cPanel hosting  give you the full control of your website. You should also make the website available for the visitors all the time and every day. If you have to make any changes in the website, you should be able to do it very easily. It should not happen that for every small change that you have to make, you should hire a person to do that job for you. This, in turn, increases that overall cost required for setting up a website. With the cPanel type of hosting, this will not happen. You can do everything by yourself, without any help from an expert.

Thus, we can say for website owners looking to administer and maintain either a single website or multiple websites, havingCPanel hostingis a godsend. Little skill is needed to easily add domains, accounts, manage mail accounts, databases, and assess the performance of the website.

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cPanel hosting vs. Cloud hosting- What to choose?

Web hosting is a very broad field with different type of hosting available with various configurations and features that provide a wide range of benefits to users. Although there is a lot of variety in Web hosting still there are few forms of hosting that are widely popular such as cPanel hosting and cloud server hosting.

Even though both forms of hosting provide considerable benefits to the users still there are stark differences between these two forms of web hosting.

cPanel Hosting

cPanel is among the widely used web hosting service and is preferred by the hosting providers and users as well. It is most popular control panel of the world that is used for hosting purposes and provides a very easy to use platform that majority of the users are comfortable with whether from a technical background or not.

cPanel is usually installed on a standalone server only and works perfectly fine most of the times. However, if the server fails then it is not necessarily going to affect all the services and need not be taken offline.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting works on the cloud server which is a cluster of servers that are networked together to pool the resources and they also share the load. In simple words all the web hosting services such as DNS, Database, Web, FTP, Mail that used to run on a traditional single server now run on multiple servers in the cloud.

Cloud is rapidly developing technology and is also being widely used due to the benefits it offers such as cost reduction, scalability, flexibility and reliability.

Thus, choosing between these two forms of hosting is not very easy and it is necessary to look at the features that these two offer and compare to see what meets one’s requirements and then make the choice.

One of the major differences that could help user decide on a particular platform is the user interface. Many users are new and don’t have much knowledge about hosting and therefore need more simple user interface to manage their websites and this acts as a deciding feature for many.

Usually a Cloud hosting user control panel can be simple and basic or complex which allows the website owners to manage their sites. The features offered may not be more then cPanel as many hosting providers develop their own control panel for cloud and offer to customers.

On the contrary, cPanel is globally used control panel for Web hosting and is hugely preferred. It has been under constant development and has been added with various features over time allowing users to manage their sites with ease without relying on their hosting providers. Users that need an easy to manage control panel would definitely prefer cPanel Hosting for their websites.

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Need Web Hosting? – Here’s What You Need To Know.

With the increasing use of internet and rapid growth of E-commerce more and more business are going online. It is important to have your online business presence to keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis.

As you look for taking your business to the virtual world you would need to host your website with a Web Hosting provider and there are many things you need to know about it.

These are few of the essential things that you must be aware of before you make your choice of a web hosting provider.

Company Background

The first thing you need to know is about the background of the company. How long has the company been in business? What is their past experience?

You do not want to leave your website and business in the hands of any new and inexperienced company. The consequences of leaving your site with an unreliable hosting provider can be fatal and may result in huge loss for your business. Even if your sites does manage to run without any issues but if the bandwidth provided to your sites is not enough then it may eventually crash. So you need to choose a company that meets your needs.


An important factor for analyzing the service of any hosting provider is to look for reviews about the company and see how other users have rated the service.

You can find reviews about the company on its website and forums and you can also look for reviews on other reviews sites like Serchen and other Web hosting forums as well.


There are many web hosting providers in the market these days. And most of them are pretty new. These small companies offer cheap plans with unlimited amount of resources such as bandwidth. Most of these companies make such statements to tempt customers. Those who fall for such claims always repent. So it is better to take precautions upfront and not give into such unrealistic claims.

You must make sure what you get and what you pay for is in line with other companies. You don’t want to pay very high prices also so look at prices from other companies as well before making the final call.

Domain Names

You need to see if your hosting provider allows you to register domains or you would have to look for another domain registrar. If the service provider does allow you to register domains you need to see you get a TLD of your choice and you don’t have to pay too much for it.

Customer Support

The level customer support provided by the hosting company is very important. If you are going for a managed server or a semi-managed server then you must make sure the kind of support available is good enough for you website.

You do not want to be kept waiting when your site is facing issues. A 24*7 support would be good and with LiveChat facility you would have better access to someone who can resolve issues with your server.

So, these are some important factors you need to take into consideration before going for any Web Hosting provider.

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Things to consider in a VPS package.

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a virtualized form of a server with its own software and other resources. It is not a physical server but it has all the features of one. The VPS is a part of a physical server which also has other virtual servers running along. The VPS can be set to run as a server. Each virtual server can run its own operating system, and can be individually rebooted or disabled.

VPS is virtual server which is a part of a physical server and it is as powerful as the main server but it comes at a lower cost.

Considerations in a VPS:

1. Assess your needs

You must now what are your needs and why you want to go for a VPS. If your website is huge and needs a highly secure and dedicated environment then VPS is probably not the right choice, and a dedicated server might be needed.

2. What does the service provider offer?

There are various VPS hosting providers which offer similar plans. Thus you need to carefully scrutinize the plans and choose an apt one. You need to make sure there is after-sales service and you get continued support.

3. Speed of server

For handling high traffic the server should be fast enough. If the site is slow then user’s just leave the site which is not good for your business. You should check the RAM you would get, the faster the server the more RAM you need.

4. Storage Space

The amount is space your get with a VPS is also important. In case you are hosting a small website or blog you don’t need much space but if you are looking to resell the space then more space is better.

Hence, you need to have all the important details about the VPS Hosting provider. You must know what exactly you need and what the package offers in terms of space, speed, memory, and support etc. Analyze various plans and choose the one that suits you.

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