Does Server Hardware Affects Your Server Performance?

Improve Your Server Performance

Your server performance completely depends on the server hardware that you choose, when selecting a personal hosting or any other website hosting package for your online business as per your needs. The requirements of your server hardware changes accordingly with your business growth. For the proper growth and performance of your website you must select the best server hardware that you can utilize in improving your server performance.  As an owner you must try to choose an excellent hardware for your server. To figure out the hardware needs for your web server, determine the following important things:

  • Network card
  • Server Processor
  • Server Memory
  • Hard Drives

To get an optimum performance, selecting a right web hosting provider is much important. The server you are going to lease must be powered by the brand companies such as Dell, IBM, HP, SUN, etc…., because of their latest developments and innovation most of the data centers prefer to use these server.

You should make sure that your web hosting provider is up to date with the latest technologies and offer you a good value for your money, but without sacrificing the high performance.

Network card

Network CardThe network card is one of the important parts of your server hardware which effects the server network connectivity. It is always advised to select an excellent quality NIC cards as your NIC card is your way to the Internet. This will improve your network connectivity speed and thus would save the labor charges, in case you have to replace the card.

Server ProcessorServer Processor

Server Processor is the most important part of your server, basically used for processing all your server request. The higher processor power you have the more quickly your queries will be responded, so that your website will run smoother. As the IT Industry, including the web hosting industry, is an even evolving market, new technologies are improving day by day. You can easily get hi-fi processors such as Dual Core, Quad Core, Core 2 Duo, etc… at cheap rates. Considering your website traffic and software application you should opt for the finest server processor.

Server Memory (RAM)

Server Memory (RAM)Depending on your website’s future requirements you should select a specific amount of memory for your server. Day-by-day server hardware costs are getting cheaper so you must try to get enough RAM for your server as it will improve your server as well as your website performance and respond your website visitors request with good response time.

Hard-DrivesHard Drives

Hard Drives plays a significant role in storing you website data on your server, the more hard disk space you have on your server the more data you are able to store on it. Generally, hard drives rotate at a speed of minimum 5400, 7200, 10,000 RPM, and maximum at 15,000 RPM.

RPM is a rotation per minute, there are different types of hard drives available out there such as IDE, SCSI and SAS. You should get a hard drive device which has maximum rpm, so that your data will be fetched more fastly from your server.

However, some of them are bit costly, but if you are expecting a better server performance then you should always choose an excellent quality server hardware when opting for a website hosting package.

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