Personal Hosting or Dedicated Server

Personal Hosting or Dedicated Server

Internet is known as the home of all kind of small as well as large online businesses. It is the one and only place where nowadays all website actions take place. Thousands of websites are build per second, new business opportunities are ready to discover and lot more benefit just because of the Internet.

For online presence and success, a website is definitely your key into World Wide Web and of course the web hosting company is the main object that holds it. There are different kinds of web hosting services available in the UK Web Hosting market, however, choosing a web hosting plan have always been a confusing decision as due to the features and price each hosting provider offers.

In this article, we are going to see two most popular website hosting services : Personal Hosting and Dedicated Server. Both the hosting environment share much similarities, however, the differences are important and may play a vital role in your business success.

Personal HostingPersonal Hosting

Nowadays, personal hosting is most favorite form of inexpensive website hosting solution – ideal for personal websites, e-commerce, small and medium sized businesses. Away from being low cost, the hosting makes a perfect solution for those who have multiple websites. This hosting package allows you to host multiple domains under the same hosting account. Every domain hosted under that account will have its own FTP access, Statistics, and CGI bin for scripting means. This hosting is the preferred choice by most of the small businesses, because of its low cost and reliability. Due to the huge demand of web hosting, you can easily find a budget personal host for your online business.

Other great features that attract the clients includes numerous programming scripts, multiple email accounts, full database support for MySQL and PHP and the most powerful “cPanel” control panel that lets you administer your entire website easily. With personal hosting package you can also enjoy the e-commerce tools like shopping carts and a free shared SSL.

One of the biggest misunderstanding people have in their mind is that in personal hosting you get slow server response. You can always confirm the network connectivity speed with the web host before signing up. If you go with UK Personal Hosting Services, you will get a value packed and popular hosting solution full of great features, with fast and secure servers, multiple free tools and high quality 24x7x365 customer service absolutely free!

Dedicated ServerDedicated Server

Basically, dedicated hosting is a costly solution which is ideal for large and mission-critical websites. However, it is a best solution if you are looking for a better control, flexibility and stability. In terms of Security & Stability, you won’t have to worry about the server crashing and other hosting issues as dedicated hosting provides you a complete security, stability, reliability and full control over your website uptime. Choosing a dedicated server allows you to select the resources that better fits your business needs.

The main intention of this article is not to bend you in one way or other. There are many such businesses using personal website hosting package without any problems. However, as dedicated servers provide various benefits, it is ideal only for those who have high-traffic websites and have enough money to spend. Now, that you have got enough knowledge about both the service, it will be much easier for you choosing a reliable and low cost website hosting provider.

NOTE: Cheap VPS Hosting and Cloud Computing Service Providers too can be considered by users who wish to have a personal yet dedicated hosting experience.

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